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Welcome to New West Shutter and Blind

New West Shutter and Blind was born out of the desire to make "Service" an intricate part of your window treatment purchase. We at New West Shutter and Blind have a vast knowledge of window products along with 30 years experience in design and home decor. We'll help assure that your window treatments fit properly, compliment the style of your home and enhance your quality of life.  Please click on the products page to see some of the window treatments available for your home.

Our goal on this website is to provide you with the pertinent information you need to make an informed choice on your window coverings without overloading you with too much stuff.   For a complete selection of our window treatments we recommend an in-house consultation.

The DiGiovanni Family

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Rod, Katy and
Alyson Rose

Rod has 30 years experience in the design, manufacture and sale of home decor products. Prior to starting New West Shutter and Blind he was the marketing director and sales manager of a major shutter manufacturer in Phoenix, Arizona. Also an accomplished musician and songwriter, Rod spends time going back and forth from Scottsdale, Arizona to Nashville, TN in order to keep music industry contacts open and pursue his true passion. 

Katy operates the office end of the business. Customer service and details have been a large part of her past work experience as a catering director and music club manager. Having a family business is a wonderful part of our lives that allows us more time together. We have been blessed with a beautiful ten year old daughter, Alyson Rose.


If you're thinking about going to Home Depot ...

On a window size of 5x5 (60"x 60") Below is a price comparison, Home Depot to New West Shutters and Blind:

Product Home Depot New West Shutters Savings (per window)
2" Wood Blind $197.00 $156.50 $40.50 - 20%  savings!
2.5" Wood Blind $347.00 $244.00 $103.00 - 30%  savings!
3/4" Cell Shade $189.00 $169.00 $21.00 - 11%  savings
Wood Shutter $600.00 $488.00 $112.00 - 18.5% savings
*Installation is included.  Tax is additional

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With New West Shutter and Blind you're not just buying
window treatments, you're hiring a decorator!



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